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May 14 2014


California Chrome Takes Liking To Pimlico Track In First Workout - Baltimoresun.com

fitness alt='Preakness week 2014 [Pictures]' style='float:left;padding:5px' /> (Lloyd Fox, Baltimore Sun /May 12, 2014) By Childs Walker The Baltimore Sun 10:54 a.m. EDT, May 13, 2014 California Chrome took a quick liking to the surface at Pimlico Race Course Tuesday in his first workout since arriving in Baltimore. Exercise rider Willie Delgado max workout said the Kentucky Derby champion traveled smoothly throughout his one-mile jog at about 6:45 a.m. The second he hit the track, he was jogging, he said. Related 2014 Preakness Delgado said California Chrome seemed to prefer the dirt at Pimlico to that at Churchill Downs . Churchill wasnt one of his favorite tracks, he said. He just tolerated it. Assistant trainer Alan Sherman said he wanted to give his horse an easy morning so he could look around workout and become accustomed to the new running environment.
More http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/horse-racing/preakness/bal-california-chrome-takes-liking-to-pimlico-track-in-first-workout-20140513,0,967496.story

March 26 2014


10 Tips For Guaranteed Weight Loss

Weight loss tip 4: Eat healthy homecooked meals - Whether it's you who's cooking, a family member, or house help, ensure that every one practises healthy cooking methods, and ingredients. Ask any person who's lost weight the healthy way, and you will always hear about how healthy homecooked meals were a big reason behind it. Use less oil, low salt, fresh produce, and you'll start webblog seeing results in no time. Weight loss tip 5: Start a cardio + weights workout - A healthy weight loss programme is incomplete without a good exercise routine, and weight training mixed with cardio is the best way to lose weight. Of course, variations and forms exist, but any workout that stresses on muscle tone and increased heart rate will always help you lose weight and keep it off. You can max workouts either start a home workout today, or rely on gyms for fitness training. Weight loss tip 6: Alter your snacking habits - At Health Me Up, we have several healthy snacking ideas for you. Set those French fries aside, skip that aerated drink, and ban those unhealthy deep fried samosas.
Read more: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life--style/health--fitness/fitness/10-Tips-for-guaranteed-weight-loss/articleshow/8015860.cms

February 16 2014


The 15 Best Workout Songs Ever

Simon Pegg in Run Fatboy, Run Bruce Springsteen - Born To Run Much max workouts of The Bosss surging heartland rock max workouts makes excellent workout company. Dancing in the Dark and Badlands are more than worthy of a mention here but nothing can beat 1975 classic Born to Run. The song makes you want to sprint and find the nearest person to explain to them the many, many reasons why Bruce is the best. It also surreptitiously cajoles you along with lyrics about, well, running (albeit away from a deadbeat town). But best of all, it harnesses such tense energy throughout that youll almost feel exhausted by the time it reaches its epic conclusion. Phew time to put your feet up.
More http://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/active/10622528/The-15-best-workout-songs-ever.html

January 31 2014


Paleo Diet Has You Eating Like A Caveman

I think you have more energy. There's just so many wonderful side benefits to the diet go!! itself." Dr. Thomas says lots of his patients are 'biting'. You can see examples visit the website of their successes in his Paleolithic Diet presentation. Theres a link to it here Shin Ohtake review . Dr.
Source: http://www.wvec.com/news/local/Paleo-Diet-has-you-eating-like-a-caveman-242226251.html

January 22 2014


Carroll: Seahawks Cb Richard Sherman Sorry About Postgame Rant

"And he didn't. He visit here didn't feel right fitness about that. "There were a lot of great things that happened last night and we're talking about some other stuff." For Carroll, the return to New York is heading back to where he got his start as a head coach in the NFL, albeit a short-lived tenure as the head coach of the Jets. Carroll was the Jets head coach for one season workouts in 1994 before getting fired after a 6-10 season. "I think my first time in New York as a head coach was kind of in the middle of the circle somewhere or maybe it wasn't even a circle, it might have been some other shape," Carroll joked. "It was kind of a hairy time." Notes: Carroll said WR Percy Harvin (concussion) could be cleared to practice later this week and is expected to be ready for the Super Bowl.
Source: http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/seattle-seahawks-coach-pete-carroll-says-richard-sherman-sorry-about-postgame-rant-012014

January 11 2014


Darna, Captain Barbell Up Next For Reveal

The deal, which was formalized in April last year, grants learn the facts here now the Kapamilya network rights to 13 titles or characters created by the late novelist. ABS-CBN has yet detail, however, which 10 other Ravelo properties are included in the contract. Aside from the three most popular characters from the pages of "Komiks," Ravelo is also behind the superheroes Lastikman, Dragonna, Flash Bomba, Tiny Tony, Trudis Liit, Kapitan Boom, and Jack and Jill, among others. Since her 1947 comicbook debut, Darna has been played by over 15 different actresses in TV and films, with Vilma Santos' 1970s portrayal considered to be the most iconic take. In October, more.. Star Cinema managing director Malou Santos said Angel Locsin, who played Darna in his explanation a 2005 TV series, is set to portray the heroine anew in an upcoming movie produced by the ABS-CBN film outfit. No further details have been announced since.
More: http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/entertainment/01/11/14/darna-captain-barbell-next-reveal

January 10 2014


Dash Diet Named Healthiest Diet Plan -- And It's Free Online

The oceans are dying: Rare sea creatures washing up on shore The government-endorsed Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) snagged the top spot. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute , who developed the diet, describe it as: Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) is a flexible and balanced eating plan. DASH was one of three eating plans that were compared in research studies sponsored by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI). The goal of http://www.nclug.ru/forum/again-workout-routines-adult-males this research was to study the effects of diet on high blood pressure. The results showed that the DASH eating plan lowers blood pressure. The plan: Is low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and total fat Focuses on fruits, vegetables, and fat-free or low-fat dairy products Is rich in whole grains, fish, poultry, beans, seeds, and nuts Contains fewer sweets, added sugars and sugary beverages, and red meats than the typical American diet The Dash Diet Plan website says: Why has the DASH diet been ranked as the best diet, the healthiest diet, and the best diet for diabetes, 4 years in a row? The expert panel of physicians assembled by US New & World http://solumwebsite.beeplog.com/blog.pl?blogid=292164&from=62&categoryid=357562 Reports chose DASH because it is proven to improve health, has a balance of healthy food groups, and it actually works.
Read more: http://www.examiner.com/article/dash-diet-named-healthiest-diet-plan-and-it-s-free-online

January 08 2014


Sms Audio Reveals Three Sport-friendly Carmelo Anthony Signature Headphones

official site Or prefer a sonic boost to your run? Then SMS Audio's new Audio Sport, Carmelo Anthony signature collection is looking squarely at you. There are three models in the line: the Sync Wireless Sport in-ear, and workouts Street Wired Sport in- and on-ear editions. All three come with sweat-proof protection and tangle-free cables (on the wired ones, of course). The Street on-ears even come with an SMS Audio sports towel http://anyabeebeh.fotopages.com/?entry=9771688 in the box, and all models come in three color variations (as you see above). If you fancy picking up a set of the wireless Syncs, then it'll cost you $160.
Full story http://www.engadget.com/2014/01/07/sms-audio-reveals-three-sport-friendly-headphones/

December 31 2013


Resolutions To Results In 10 Minutes, Fitness Expert And Celebrity Trainer Hosts Live Online Coaching Session On Global Fitness Day Jan. 3

Her program really works." Jessica Alba: "Whether I'm quickly getting in shape for a movie or looking to kick-up my fitness level, Ramona's workout programs are consistently fun and effective. Mixing cardio and strength training, no workout is ever the same and so it's never boring. Ramona gives the best encouragement and always has a smile on her face, which is a plus when getting through a workout. Thanks, Ramona." ABOUT RAMONA BRAGANZA: Ramona continues to coach all over the world and delivers her 3-2-1 Training Method and philosophy in a variety of platforms available at www.ramonabraganza.com click here , Amazon and iTunes . January 2014 Ramona is training Paula Patton among others on the set of World of Warcraft. By Wayne Cole SYDNEY (Reuters) - Global stocks are closing out 2013 sitting on sizable gains courtesy of super-easy monetary policies and an improving economic outlook, though some emerging markets have ... Reuters NEW YORK (AP) A civil liberties group sued the U.S. government Monday, saying various agencies have failed to provide adequate documents related to what it calls the sweeping monitoring of Americans' international communications. Associated Press The price of oil retreated slightly in thin trading Monday to close below $100. Benchmark U.S. crude for February delivery ended the day down $1.03, closing at $99.29 on the New York Mercantile Exchange. ...
Full story: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/resolutions-results-10-minutes-fitness-002200893.html

December 10 2013


Foods For Paleo Muscle Building

Because there are no high calorie and processed foods that are full of carbs, you can actually relax with the calorie counting because it is a lot easier to stay under the calorie limit. Protein is one of the foods that has the slowest absorption into the body and actually costs the body a lot of energy to convert it to glucose. This means that protein is actually not all that caloric dense, but http://sugimotoweblog.beeplog.com/292170_2317882.htm it is great for building muscle. Going to the store will be a tricky task for those who are trying to get the Paleo diet to help them gain muscle mass. You will need to be very particular about the foods that you buy, but more importantly, you are going to need to buy a lot of meat. Eating a lot of eggs will also be a great idea if you are trying to get enough healthy fats, protein, and all of the other nutrients that come in eggs. Building Muscle with Paleo Diet The Paleo diet is meant to provide the healthiest nutrition for you throughout your life and it is important that you consider all the repercussions of what you eat. With bodybuilding you can definitely do as much exercise you want and eat trashy food, but it will not be a sustainable thing.
Full story: exercise http://societyandreligion.com/foods-paleo-muscle-building/

December 02 2013


Dr. Oz: Fitness Guru Tony Horton's Body-reshaping Diet Wins For Weight Loss

Trisha <a href=workout routine Yearwood Weight Loss' style='float:left;padding:5px' /> Mehmet Oz regularly features the newest diet on his popular talk show. But does Dr. Oz have his own favorite? In a blog, he praises fitness guru Tony Horton 's "eat clean" diet as one of the best, calling it a "breakthrough plan to reshape your body." Author of " Bring It!: The Revolutionary Fitness Plan for All Levels That http://headlinesnowblog.blogspot.com/2013/10/max-workouts-reviewed-published-indepth.html Burns Fat, Builds Muscle, and Shred Inches ," Tony numbers celebrities ranging from Bruce Springsteen to Michelle Obama among his fans. http://www.youlovemeiloveyou.com/?paged=4 As Dr. Oz notes, Tony "has shown us so much about healthy living , exercising and eating well." And one of those lessons "means eating foods that have no preservatives, additives, or chemicals in the ingredient list." In addition, Tony emphasizes the 90-10 rule.
Full story: http://www.examiner.com/article/dr-oz-fitness-guru-tony-horton-s-body-reshaping-diet-wins-for-weight-loss

November 17 2013


New Silicone Tips For Apple Earpods Keep Them Secure During Workouts, Increase Bass Response

New Tips Make EarPods Stay in Better, Sound Better, and Feel Better Low profile, silicone tips stretch to fit over EarPods and personalize the fit between the rigid plastic earpiece and the unique curves of your ear for a more comfortable and secure fit, better noise isolation, and bigger bass. Flexible fins conform to the shape of your ear, resisting sweat and tugs on the wire to hold max workout earphones in place. Sound isolation and internal channeling improve acoustics and bass delivery. Suitable for Running, and Amazing Sound, Say Reviewers The ear canal fit is plenty comfortable and will make the EarBuds very suitable for exercise and running, notes Amazon reviewer Robert Cain. However, the bigger news is better bass. The sound using ACOUSTIBUDS is amazing. There is a noticeable increase in the bottom end creating a richer, warmer sound then (sic)without using ACOUSTIBUDS, posts another Amazon reviewer.
Full story: http://iphone5newsblog.com/2013/11/17/new-silicone-tips-for-apple-earpods-keep-them-secure-during-workouts-increase-bass-response/

November 12 2013


?teen Mom? Farrah Abraham Blames Gary Shirley For Amber Portwood Problems

Austin Radar Online reports that Farrah Abraham said: Im happy Amber is out if jail, she never deserved to be in jail. Gary antagonized Amber while she was also dealing with stress and handling her bipolar disorder. Farrah Abraham is not the only one, though, who has placed the blame for Amber Portwoods problems on Gary Shirley. Many Teen Mom fans have also blamed Gary Shirley, saying that his actions pushed her into the lifestyle which eventually put her behind bars. Although Amber and Gary may not have gotten along, it is silly to place the blame on him. Sure, Amber may have felt down because of Garys actions, but ultimately she is the one who chose to turn to a darker lifestyle to handle her problems.
More http://www.examiner.com/article/farrah-abraham-blames-gary-shirley-for-amber-portwood-s-troubles

Pawn Star married Gary antagonized Amber while she was also dealing with stress and handling her bipolar disorder, added Farrah Abraham Farrah, who feuded on Twitter with Gary Shirley during the Teen Mom series finale. Farrah Abraham also added that she has nothing but good wishes for Amber Portwood. I hope Amber can now stay away from the pressures of the media and focus on her new, healthier beginning at life. I hope Leah (her daughter) can have a loving mother and daughter relationship, the Teen Mom said. Meanwhile, another Teen Mom is wishing Amber the best.
More http://www.examiner.com/article/teen-mom-farrah-abraham-blames-gary-shirley-for-amber-portwood-problems

Has Farrah Abraham had even MORE collagen injections? Teen Mom star reveals an even fuller pout in new Keek video

Before the surgeries: Farrah is pictured in 2009 before she embarked on her <a href=Farrah Abraham several surgeries' style='float:left;padding:5px' /> Fuller: Farrah Abraham revealed her puffier lips in a Keek video she posted on Sunday night, left. She first revealed her fuller pout last month, right Farrah's already puffy lips look very swollen in the clip as she speaks to the camera with her pout shiny in lashings of pink lip gloss. In the video, the reality-turned-porn star muses about how proud she is of the progress she has made with her various family issues. 'I am so thankful for the family that I have and the work that I have done and, like, the energy and counselling and all Farrah Abraham those things that I put into myself because I really think like I am breaking the cycle of my family,' she tells the camera. Pouty: Farrah's already puffy lips look very swollen in the clip as she speaks to the camera with her pout shiny in lashings of pink lip gloss She then asked all of her 'keekers' to reveal 'what they are so happy about themselves and proud of themselves'.
More http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2487537/Has-Farrah-Abraham-MORE-collagen-injections-Teen-Mom-star-reveals-fuller-pout-new-Keek-video.html

Farrah Abraham Slams Gary Shirley: "He Antagonized Amber Portwood"

Go get mental help for Amber's sake P.O.S." She also critiqued his parenting skills, calling Gary "negative" and unfocused. "I don't see how he is better to raise Leah then Amber," she said. Fast forward over a year later and little Leah is flourishing under Gary's guardianship though, he did make a couple of mistakes along the way, you know, like telling Leah that his mom was in Hollywood driving a Twinkie truck when she was actually shacked up at the Rockville Correctional Facility. NBD.
More http://www.wetpaint.com/teen-mom/articles/2013-11-11-farrah-abraham-amber-portwood-gary-shirley

November 09 2013


Kim Kardashian Shares Behind-the-scenes Instagram Pics From Her Family?s Beach Photo Shoot

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian sue YouTube founder for leaked proposal footage

instagram It's Flashback Friday, everyone! Kim Kardashian got into the spirit of the weekly celebration by posting several behind-the-scenes pictures from her most recent beach photo shoot with her family. In the shots, Kim is shown looking stunning as she sits on a chair in the sand wearing a black gown. Her enviable curves are showcased in the frock, which features a bandaged-corset top and billowy chiffon skirt. She captioned the first pic, "Beach day..." In another shot , Kim is joined by younger sisters Khloe Kardashian Odom and Kendall Jenner .
Full story: http://au.eonline.com/news/479041/kim-kardashian-shares-behind-the-scenes-instagram-pics-from-her-family-s-beach-photo-shoot

Kim Kardashian Addresses Illuminati Rumors

Kardashian-2012-pre-grammy-gala-01.jpg' width='500px' style='float:left;padding:5px' /> A religion?... I'm a Christian. A cult?... not into that sorry!" Kardashian wrote , adding,"It had an eye on it, which reminded me of Britt bc her company 'eye on glam' & reminds me of against evil eye bracelets we wear.
Full story: http://www.enstarz.com/articles/28642/20131108/kim-kardashian-illuminati-rumors-denies-secret-society-involvement-like-jay-z-beyonce-photos.htm

Kim Kardashian Kim wished her friend Brittny Gastineau a happy birthday on Wednesday via a a photo collage she made on Instagram, in which some fans thought represented an Iluminati symbol. Happy Birthday to my best friend Weve shared soooo many memories over the past years! I love you! Kimmy added as a caption to the pic. Following her post, K.K.
Full story: http://www.ajc.com/feed/entertainment/kim-kardashian-addresses-illuminati-rumors/fWR9x/

Kim Kardashian Illuminati Rumors: Denies Secret Society Involvement Like Jay Z & Beyonce [PHOTOS]

She posted: moms- do u ever want to wake up your baby to give him or her kisses? i want to soooooooo bad right now, but she's so peaceful sleeping Kim Kardashian (@kimkardashian) November 9, 2013 N'awww. Too cute! Kim and Kanye have been snapped out and about with their little one more recently and sources recently said that the rapper thinks that North is a "genius" for her age.
Full story: http://uk.omg.yahoo.com/news/kim-kardashian-gushes-baby-north-shes-peaceful-sleeping-163324898.html

Kris Jenner Talks Kim Kardashian's Sexy Selfie, Kanye West's Proposal & Her Relationship With Bruce

And not just you, but anyone who tries to share their very special moments like, say, their engagement with the world without their permission. In a lawsuit filed Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court, the lovebirds are suing YouTube founder Chad Hurley for releasing highlights from Kanyes proposal on Oct. 21 in San Franciscos AT&T Park. (Our picks: The 50-piece orchestra on the field, PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!! on the Jumbotron, and the 15-carat rock on Kims finger.) Not that West and Kardashian didnt know cameras were recording every second of the evening, or that they didnt plan to broadcast every second on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. But, and this is the big but, they didnt plan on someone else sharing it or making money off the footage. Oh, the humanity!
Full story: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/reliable-source/wp/2013/11/04/kanye-west-kim-kardashian-sue-youtube-founder-for-leaked-proposal-footage/

Kim Kardashian Gushes Over Baby North: 'She's So Peaceful Sleeping'

She lost a lot of weight and she's looking good so I'm proud of her." PHOTOS: Kim Kardashian's post-pregnancy style Twitter Next, of course, was the blowout proposal to Kim from her beau Kanye West . Kris was the only person who knew what was going down, since the rapper asked for her persmission before getting down on one knee. But was she surprised? "A lot of that is really, so private because I wanna keep our conversations between him and I. He's kind of a magical guy and he loved doing that for her, so yeah I was thrilled," she told us, and added that his gesture of asking for Kim's hand in marriage was wonderful.
Full story: http://www.eonline.com/news/478848/kris-jenner-talks-kim-kardashian

October 26 2013


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